2014 Essay Competition

The Marshall Society, the University of Cambridge's economics society, invites students studying for A levels, the IB, or any equivalent qualification, to take part in its 2014 essay competition! We would like you to approach your answers with factual evidence, clear and convincing arguments, and of course most importantly, high quality economics. Below are 8 questions we have prepared in advance, but as in previous years, we actively encourage you to come up with your own question.

  1. The economic benefits of war outweigh the costs. Discuss.
  2. The dominance of monetary policy over other forms of policy is now an accepted aspect of modern macroeconomic management. Discuss.
  3. Should economics students be taught how to be "rational" as part of their core curriculum?
  4. Should we correct market failures or adapt to them?
  5. Does China need growth in the US more than the US needs growth in China?
  6. Can hairdressers be better economic forecasters than economists?
  7. The Bank of England should replace the pound with chocolate coins. Discuss.
  8. Is the future of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, doomed to failure?

We recommend your essay to be between 1000 to 2000 words, although you can work outside these boundaries, should you feel your work will benefit from it. We do recommend that you be concise in your answers.

In addition to the prestige of being announced winner of the Dismal Scientist competition, your essay will also be published in 2015 edition. We are also offering £100 to the winner and £50 to the two runner ups.

To submit an entry please use the submission form provided below.

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Alternatively, if you are unable to access or use the submission form, you can submit via email. In this case, please save your essay in PDF format with your name as the title. Please attach this file to an email with the subject "Entry for the Dismal Scientist Essay Competition" and write on the email your full name, school and date of birth, declaring any assistance you had with your essay. Email submissions should be sent to karthik.raghavan [at] marshallsociety.com.

The deadline for submitting an entry is 11:59PM of 31st July 2014.

Shortlisted entries will be announced in late August; winners will be announced by the end of the summer. Please note that by entering this competition you agree to the terms and conditions of the competition.